Everything you need to know about Cast Iron Waffle Makers

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

In this article we will talk about Waffles, how to use the cast iron waffle maker, what are features of cast iron stovetop Belgian waffle makers, etc.

Waffles! You started watering your mouth, didn’t you? Even the name of waffles makes us drool over them. They are so delicious that you cannot stop craving them and leave out with the feeling of eating one after another.

There are mostly two kinds of waffle lovers – the one who loves them and the other one who just lives for them. These things are so damn tasty that gaining some extra weight would be worth it.

What is waffle and why do people love it?

First thing first, it is a waffle we are talking about! Everyone just loves a waffle, a simple dish made from dough or leavened batter that is cooked between two patterned plates.

Waffles have a distinct shape and feature like honeycomb shapes throughout the waffle with round corners.

Waffles are eaten throughout the world with great leisure. It has become iconic due to its complete subtleness. They just get along with anything – honey, blueberry, strawberry, cream are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is no combination limit, it can be consumed with anything, just go nuts and make your own fusion.

Brief about waffle maker :

In ancient times, the Greeks used to cook flat cakes known as obelios, with the help of two hot metal plates. Originally in the year 1200, a craftsman forged a cooking iron with hinged design. A batter to be poured in consequently, pressed together and then cooked on the top of an open fire.

Later on year after year, it simply got experimented by and attained its characteristic honeycomb feature.

What is a cast iron waffle maker?

Before talking about using a cast iron waffle maker, let us just get a quick peek about why cast iron is good for cooking:

  • For starters, cast iron uses less oil
  • A chemical-free option to switch from nonstick pans
  • It reinforces your food with iron

Thus that being said, cast iron waffle makers make itself a better and healthier option. Though using a cast iron can be challenging for first-timers on a stovetop or grill or even on an open fire. Give it a try a few times and you would be good to go.

What are the features of cast iron waffle makers?

With the augmentation of technology, waffle makers have also accepted the change and have modernized just enough to give the ease that making waffles experience deserves.

Many traditional waffle makers used to have wooden handles but not now. Here are some of the features which Cast iron waffle maker has gained over the years:

  • Cast iron waffle makers can be used in ovens unlike wooden handles waffle makers.
  • It can give your waffles a much-needed crisp and thin structure, making them ideal for all the lovers of eating their waffles with ice cream or simply like their waffle crunchy.
  • As mentioned above, cast iron uses less oil which means fewer calories.
  • Cast iron has zero coating of harmful BPA plastics.
  • Cast iron waffle makers have longer longevity, they can last up to 20 years if maintained properly. 

What are the benefits of cast iron waffle maker?

You may be wondering why to buy a cast iron waffle maker when there are so many amazing electric waffle makers available in the market. That is an excellent question and many would think twice before buying cast iron products.

Thus to put your mind at ease, these are some of the benefits of cast iron waffle maker:

No need for electricity in order to make a waffle, just put it on top of the stove and you are good to go.

  • It can be used while camping or can be used on the grill, making them user friendly and portable.
  • Easy to use as well as easy to clean, due to its less counter spaces as compared to electric waffle makers.
  • With the absence of electric cords, the cast iron waffle maker aims for a long-lasting lifetime.

Having said that, the cast iron waffle maker is a great option and the traditional way of making waffles. Now let us move to our next segment, frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently asked questions and answer about cast iron waffle maker:

Que: Why cast iron is a healthier option from non-stick pans?

Ans:  Non-stick pans are coated with BPA plastic, a chemical that makes non-stick pans, non-stick in nature. There are many facts that suggest BPA coating can be transmitted into food while cooking and have an adverse effect on health.

The most common factor is increased blood pressure and can affect the glands of fetuses, infants, and children. While on the other hand, cast iron enriches your food with healthy iron contents.

Que: How to use cast iron waffle maker properly?

Ans: First and foremost, it must be preheated for at least 10 minutes or so while flipping the iron to spread the heat evenly. Then open the lid, if it smokes a lot then the iron is too hot just let it cool a while.

After that, pour the waffle pattern and make sure it stays ¾ inch shy from the edge in order to allow for expansion. Close the lid and rotate the waffle maker for about a few minutes and voila! Your first batch of waffle is ready.

Que: Is cast iron waffle maker too costly

Ans: No, you can get it at an affordable price very easily. Just surf some e-commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart, or visit any store.


So, are you ready to have some tasty waffles on your plate? We all are fighting with the corona crisis, and at this moment, we are not able to hop into our favorite waffle eateries, so if you have a cast iron waffle maker with you, you can easily cook it whenever you crave for it.

If you don’t have a cast iron waffle maker, you can definitely look at the alternative ways to make it! Enjoy the super delicious waffles, and make your friends jealous.